my sweet sweet danniboo and I were talking last night

and we both decided we’re pretty over Tumblr and life is stressin’ us out. He deleted his, but I have some decent material here that I’d like to keep so I won’t do that. But yeah I’m feeling finished with zero temptation to “sneak back sometimes” or anything 

You all know where to find me by now etc etc and if you don’t I dunno what to tell you

'night kids

"not sure if depression induced apathy or actual apathy…"


depression comix #70
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Again, for better experience try doing this without any “tangible” proof


depression comix #70

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Again, for better experience try doing this without any “tangible” proof

Extreme, “Hole Hearted”

I dream of vanishing (physically/virtually) and just not telling anyone sometimes lolol. I think it’d be worth it


my social media decrease has been great, but it did not make me “better” (what the fuck does that mean) by any means because I forgot I cannot shut off real life lolol. Oh well, I tried it.

I am going to take a suggestion s.e. smith made over the Twitterings and start “grading” my days categorically in one of these notebooks I got for my last birthday until I get some legit therapy again.

I admit I’m not nearly as angry at Tumblr as my brother is though, I save that kind of spite for [insert]

I tell you what though, I’ve only had to deal with three rape jokes this week

You know what?


Fuck Tumblr. I hate this fucking setup and I hate the people who run it and I hate the fact that “blogging” has become just this stupid fucking concept that means anyone can turn their inane, useless thoughts into gold and become “Tumblr famous.” Maybe it’s just who I follow, but there is no middle ground. It’s either white-supremacist, illiterate cocks, or the people I agree with, or sometimes disagree with but can’t really because my privilege and station in life render my opinion moot. And I agree with that. 

Obviously I can only live in a world that only includes me, myself, and my thoughts. 

Fuck this shit. 

You all can just keep reblogging fucking pictures of food, celebrities, and dogs and talk about your “feels.” All this does is make me feel even more isolated than I am. 

I can’t stand it. I can’t stand you.

Oh, and fuck Instagram and everyone who uses it.

/end angry post


Edited slightly for accuracy. Lolol shit I just checked my dash for the first time in a few days and this is what I seeeeeee and it speaks to my soul

I think my “break from the internet” pretty much just became a break from Tumblr. The longer I’m away from it the more I’m like why am I still here

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i made a microwave brownie in a bowl

when I get back to 100 90 80% I’ll post pics

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